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SMACNA's Mission is to provide products, services and representation to enhance members' businesses, markets and profitability.

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Why Support SMAC PAC?
One of the primary missions of SMACNA of PA is to lobby the state legislature on issues that advance our industry. There is never a shortage of issues affecting our industry. We rely on SMACNA to maintain vigilance and work on our behalf.

Over the years, SMACNA has had numerous successes in Harrisburg. For example, Pennsylvania enacted a statewide building code, which will raise construction standards in many areas, which previously had little or none. SMACNA standards are embedded in the International Building Code that serves as Pennsylvania' s Uniform Construction Code. We were successful in convincing the PA Department of General Services to place a moratorium on awarding construction projects via an on-line reverse auction process under which contractors could submit a new lower bid every minute. We have been successful in amending the sales tax code to help clarify and simplify issues affecting our members. SMACNA was also successful in amending the Mechanics' Lien law extending rights to 2nd tier subcontractors and prohibiting the practice of contractors being forced to waive their lien rights.

Right now our lobbyists are working to defeat legislation intended to eliminate prevailing wage on projects. We are also leading a vigorous effort to preserve multiple prime bidding on public works projects and public private partnership projects (P3). Likewise, we are lobbying to protect school construction funding and were successful in getting a moratorium on PlanCon projects lifted.

Your help is needed if we hope to be successful on these legislative fronts. In particular, we need your support of SMAC PAC of PA. PAC funds are used to support lawmakers who have supported our issues. Political Action Committee money is an integral part of any successful lobbying campaign. However, the law requires that we can only accept personal or partnership checks for the PAC, no corporate checks. That makes it harder to raise the funds we need in order to continue our good work.

Please join me in making a generous contribution to SMAC PAC of PA. The future well being of our industry is up to us.


Ed Fetchen, Jr.

Send personal donations to:

908 N. Second Street